Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting Married

Planning a wedding can be very tedious. I'm getting married soon and I didn't think it would cost so much or take as much time as it does. The guest list and the wedding location were the toughest decisions. I always wanted a small, intimate wedding but my family isn't small, so I couldn't invite everyone. It was hard to reject some people but in the end I'm happy with my decision because the wedding will be exactly what my fiance and I wanted. For the most part, everyone has been understanding and encouraging. I believe the main focus of any wedding should be about the bride and groom and their commitment to one another, not about whats on the menu. I think people have lost the true meaning of a wedding. They get caught up in tradition or pleasing others that they forget what's important. I'm not going to be the bride that stresses over the wedding so much that she forgets to enjoy it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Renting Trucks

Renting a truck is not always a pleasent experience. I work at a truck rental agency and today some of our customers were upset because their truck was not available. Unfortunately, getting the trucks to our location is out of our hands. We can reserve the truck, but if it isn't hicked to us from regional, then there is nothing we can do. This happens at many truck rental companies but it doens't happen often. If you plan on renting a truck soon there are a few things to keep in mind. Reconfrim your reservation the day before, be there in a timely manner, prepare for a wait and remember the location doesn't have any control over truck availability. Moving can be a hassle so preparation is essential.

Friday, April 10, 2009

we need better sex education in schools

Sex ed was a joke in high school. My teacher told us to read the chapters and answer the questions in the back. There was no instruction, question and answer sessions etc. Georgia public schools must give sex ed but parents are allowed take them out of the course. The schools must focus on abstinence but that's not realistic in today's society. Children are having sex at earlier ages. It is now important to talk with your children about sex as early as ten years old. For many children, the only sex education they get is from school. Many parents don't talk to their children about sex or they don't talk to them soon enough. Therefore, schools should put more emphasis on the issues that teens are facing today. Especially from a health and wellness stand point. They need to inform them of the dangers of unprotected sex, oral sex and sex at an early age.